Artist Biography


Figurative Fiber Sculptures with a blue skin tone are the works of Victoria Davis of Periwinkle Art Studios. The blue skin ‘talks’ to transformation--- we notice ourselves changing, opinions and beliefs changing, the world around us changing. The head, hands and feet are sculpted in paper clay, then oil paint is layered upon layer to give the piece a fuller bolder look making the face come to life. The costuming takes many hours of experimentation in making the pattern, using various sewing techniques and embellishing which includes bead and embroidery work for the finishing touches.



The artist comes from five generations of sewers and upon finishing high school completed the Fine Arts Program at Okanagan College in 1985 in Kelowna, BC. After moving to Victoria, BC, she attended the Fine Arts Program in 1993 at University of Victoria. Courses taken were from artists Lois Schklar, Marlaine Verhelst, Ankie Daanen and Patti Culea.



Published works include International Contemporary Artists Vol 4; 1000 Artisan Textiles; Creative Cloth Explorations; and Hot Flash by Pamela Hastings.



In 2010, she was one of 8 artists in a fiber group in Sidney, BC participating in the “Fibers of Life Exhibition” held in Cairns, Australia. In 2011, the group received an award for their work.



Art was accepted in the Sooke Fine Arts Show, Sooke, BC in 2011. Accepted entries are chosen by a Board.



Spending a great deal of time working in her studio and a love of reading of ancient cultures, quantum theories and spirituality inspire the varied and many art projects.



Her most recent pieces have quotes or phrases sewn onto the tulle fabric which become part of the sculpture. These words and colors embellish the viewer’s image of the piece. They mean to invoke a positive feeling, not only for the artist, but the viewer as well.  

Publications / Awards


International Contemporary Artist Book vol V111 2014

International Contemporary Artists Book vol IV 2012

The Fibres of Life Exhibition 2010 cataloge

Hot Flash A Celebration book by Pamela Hastings 2010

1000 Artisan Textiles book by Salamony and Brown 2010

Creative Cloth Explorations book by Patti Medaris Culea 2009

  • Belle Armoire Magazine Oct/Nov 2009
  • Sommerset Studio Gallery June 2009
  • Creative Cloth Explorations Jan 2009
  • Haute Handbags Autumn 2008
  • Sommerset Magazine Jan/Feb 2008
  • Belle Armoire Autumn 2005
  • APWPWD Autumn 2005


"Honourable Mention" for "Blue" Competition March 2014,

2011 Award from Mayor of Cairns, Australia for participating in the Fibers of Life Exhibition 2010

  • CDAA Award  - 3rd place  - 2004 Beginner Cloth Doll
  • Cloth Dolls for Fun Challenge  - 1st place  -  Advanced
  • Cloth Dolls for Fun Challenge  - 2nd place  - 2006 Advanced
  • Dollstreet Dreamers Anniversary Challenge  - Best Face  - Sept 2007

Artistic Statement

I create art, with complete joy, when working with my hands. The feeling of textiles between my fingers, coloring and experimenting making fabric – it heals my soul. Working on a large scale (4 feet in height) in figurative form, I am able to use a wide variety of skills which continually challenge me (i.e. drawing, painting and sculpting; sewing and bead work).


My passion is enhanced by reading topics on spirituality, quantum theories and ancient cultures. This gives me my inspirations and ideas for various works. The blue skin tones represent transformation and have been used in Native Indian cultures, East Indian cultures to the Tuareg people in Africa. The practice of henna talks about tattooing and/or spirituality. I like to blend different these cultures in my creations through costuming, hair styles and paint colors.


There are so many figures and faces swirling around in my head that it takes some time before “the one” is visualized over and over again, just “there” that needs to come forth and be created. At this stage in my creative process, I have entered into my Blue period.